Omacha Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to sustainable development and conservation; it offers the possibility of interacting in exotic scenarios to have a volunteer experience in conservation with our research team. The cultural exchange in different communities will help you to grow as a person. You will share your time at research projects, while supporting the conservation of aquatic ecosystems and its biodiversity in Colombia.

If you love animals and have the desire to preserve their habitats, this is the option you are looking for!
Our projects are something else than a simple vacation, these are personal growth and scientific apprenticeship opportunities.

Omacha Foundation increases its efforts supported by volunteers, who contribute in the fulfillment of Strategic and Management plans for the preservation of many endangered species and their ecosystems.

What can you do?

You can be part of our volunteer and internship programs all year round. Participating in any of the research programs we offer, will help to preserve the environment at the following locations:

Orinoco Location: World Biosphere Reserve El Tuparro
Amazonas Location
The Caribbean Region


  • US $ 550 per month.
  • Minimum Duration: 1 month
  • Maximum Duration: 3 months
  • Payment will be made once the person has been officially accepted


• Assistance before, during and after your trip: information about the program, destination, vaccinations, visas and references.
• Supervising during your staying at the placement
• Professional and research experience on field
• 24 hour-a-day assistance, 7 days a week in Colombia, to make sure you receive the best quality and service.
• Food and staying at the project
• Materials, equipment and transportation for research operations
• Transfers from and to the local airport on your arrival and departure dates
• Internet service (depending on location)
• Internal Flights
• Participation certificate


• International flights
• Travel taxes
• Visas (volunteer visa)
• Medical/ travel insurance
• Food on the outside of the project
• International phone calls


Omacha Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, when you pay for your volunteer program we are covering expenses for accommodation and food for volunteers, materials and research equipment, orientation information, assistance and logistics. It also covers field expenses, local transportation and field coordinators.

What do you need to participate in this project?

• Be legal age in your native country
• Be in good health and have positive attitude
• Present required documents
• Medical & travel insurance
• Enjoy teamwork


  • Registration form filled in
  • Copies of all your documents (place them apart from the originals).
  • Valid Colombian volunteer visa
  • Vaccination certificates against yellow fever and Tetanus.
  • Medical & travel insurance
  • Medical certificate (maximum of three months issued)
  • Curriculum Vitae and reference letter from school or university if necessary.
  • Two photographs 3 × 4 cm

Inscription process:

1. Submitting full papers electronically, writing in the Message Subject: (Name of Applicant) – Volunteer Program
2. Virtual or phone interview if participant is not in Colombia
3. Payment of the fee, at least one month in advance to reserve your space in the program

Download application form

What Should I pack?

  • Indispensable Travel List
  • Insect repellent, organic repellent help to reduce the impact generated from chemicals and toxic additives
  • High Sun protection and after-sun lotion
  • Sleeping bag
  • Travel-sized First Aid Kit with the necessary stuff for all your needs
  • Medical prescriptions, if you have any medical prescriptions, make sure you take the prescription drugs with you and that you’ll have enough for the duration of your trip. Make sure these are packed in your hand luggage not your main bag *Medical and travel insurance
  • Waterproof jacket/ raincoat
  • Pen and paper
  • Toilet paper roll/tissues*
  • Travel towel made out of quick-drying material
  • Hand-wash laundry biodegradable detergent
  • Tent & Camping Equipment if you think you are going to be camping
  • Comfortable clothes for a tropical weather adventure: shorts, pants, t- shirts, long-sleeved t-shirt, hat.
  • Flashlight
  • Backpack, take with you a waterproof and comfortable with waist support backpack as your main luggage. Also it is important to have a daypack with you, to carry the stuff you could need in your day to day expeditions
  • Walking shoes/boots, and Walking sandals

Frequently asked questions

How long can I volunteer?

Voluntaria Angela Motta- Sede Caribe

You could volunteer at our locations from three weeks up to three months. We would be happy to have you here for as long as you want.

Do I need Visa?

Citizens from Europe, Canada, the US, and South America do not need visas but if you have a different background we will give you advice and information about everything you need to be part of our volunteer chain.

Where will I be working?

You will be working at any of our three locations, depending on your profile, special interests and projects availability.

What about security?

The places where we have our programs are tourist and safe, you will be placed in a warm, clean and friendly accommodation and you will count with unconditional support from our staff and coordinators. Placements have great ecological importance due to its biological and cultural diversity. These locations are socially and politically safe, and are open throughout the year for students and professionals participation.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

With many of the projects we work with, no English is spoken. Thus, it is highly recommended that you know basic Spanish to ensure your enjoyment of the program.

Will there be time to travel?

Of course, we are aware of the importance of having fun and enjoying your free time, we will give you all the tourist information you may need.

How far in advance do I need to register?

It is important to book your volunteer experience at least one month in advance of your arrival date.

Further information:
Telephone number (571) 2564682
Bogotá D.C.