Programa de conservación y manejo de los armadillos de los Llanos Orientales:

Biodiversidad de la cuenca del Orinoco:

Biodiversidad de la cuenca del Orinoco II
Biodiversidad de la cuenca del Orinoco
Evaluación de la contaminación por mercurio en peces
Uso y manejo de la fauna silvestre en la Orinoquia

Marine Mammal Science:

Ecological factors influencing group sizes of river dolphins
Population, density estimates, and conservation of river dolphins
The use of photoidentification to study the Amazon River Dolphin 

Latin American Journal of Aquatic Mammals:

Mitochondrial DNA diversity, differentiation and phylogeography
Initial description of major histocompatibility complex
Update on the freshwater distribution of Sotalia
Proposed english common name for the Neotropical
Odontocete sightings collected during offshore cruises 

Elsevier – Ecological Indicators:

Ecological Indicators – River dolphins as indicators

Biota colombiana:

Lista de los mamíferos de la cuenca del río Orinoco

Fauna acuática:

Range extension for the long-beaked common dolphin
Fauna acuática amenazada en la Amazonía colombiana
Photo-Identification: A Reliable and Noninvasive Tool
Progress on data analysis from a 2002 Amazon river dolphin
Seasonality of habitat use, mortality and reproduction

Ecological Society of America – ESA:

Irrawaddy dolphin demography in the Mekong River

Journal of Cetacean research and management – J. Cetacean Res. Manage: