1st International Giant Otter Workshop (IGOW)
09th to 12th of May, 2017
Fundación Zoológica de Cali, Colombia
The 1st International Giant Otter Workshop to be held at Cali Zoo in Colombia. It is a first project of the attempt to establish a GSMP for Giant Otters. The aim of that workshop is to bring people together, who work with giant otters for different reasons. That includes zoo staff (keepers, curators), conservationists, researchers and anybody who is willing to attend in an active manner. The growing network will help to improve the global ex-situ situation of captive Giant Otters by sharing experiences from in- and ex-situ.
The fee for the workshop and related costs is $US200 per person. It covers the costs for the workshop, the refreshments and lunch during the workshop, transfer from the hotel to the venue and back and the transfer of the mid-meeting excursion. 
Please fill the registration form, make your payment and send the form AND the payment approval reference to [email protected] and [email protected]
Accommodation: The City of Cali offers various options to stay. However, we prefer to have all attendees at one Hotel and recommend to book at Hampton Hotel and we arranged a special rate for workshop attendees (please use the link for booking online). A save transfer between the venue and the hotel will be organized. If you like to share a double room to reduce the costs, we will assist you. Please send us an email instead of booking online yourself.
1st day: Workshop and zoo visit
2nd day: Mid-meeting icebreaker excursion
3rd day: Workshop
4th day: Workshop and farewell special
Workshop topics:
·       Ex-situ population management and the status of captive Giant Otter populations
·       In-situ conservation projects and related topics
·       Medical issues
·       Husbandry issues (Nutrition, Enclosures, Breeding)
·       Reintroduction of Giant Otters
Call for talks and presentations:
We want to keep the programme dynamic and that means your active participation is much appreciated. If you feel like presenting some interesting topics in a talk, please let us know. If we may have a wish: It would be great to have presentations of your giant otter enclosures e.g.
After workshop excursion:
Our partners from Fundación Omacha (www.omacha.org) offered to arrange a special excursion for those who want to use the opportunity being in Colombia to see more of the country and its wildlife. The preliminary schedule is as following:
·       1st day flight to Puerto Carreño with SATENA. On the same day, travel to the Bojonawi Nature Reserve
·       2nd day recognition of the lagoon El Pañuelo, search of trails and individuals.
·       3rd day displacement in floods of the Orinoco (Ventanas) and search of otters in the zone
·       4th day visit to Tepuyes, Caño Tesoro and Caño Verde, finishing again in Laguna El Pañuelo
·       5th day displacement Puerto Carreño to Bogota (or Cali)
The overnight stay would be in the Reserve. In beds and hammocks, and if the group is more than 12 people can be tents enabled.
Please forward to anyone who might be interrested in this workshop.
Download forms here:
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